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IBCI offers free business listings on Town USA's searchable Yellow Pages. This listing consists of your business name, phone number and address. Include a hypertext link to your web link to your site and increase the exposure of your web site to your local community.


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Town USA provides several advertising opportunities listed below. IBCI - Internet Business Consulting, Inc. invites you to review the different Internet business link products and features each offers you for advertising with Town USA on the World Wide Web.

To start:

  • Post Your Business

    Town USA offers You a Free Yellow Page Business Listing on Town USA's Searchable Yellow Pages and or State Business Listing found through-out our friendly unique Town USA Website design of free State, County, and Local Town Home Pages and accessed by each state's image on the Town USA map. Your free Yellow Page Listing consisting of your business name, phone number, and address with an interactive map showing your location. Below are samples of Listings and a Yellow Page Search Result.


  • Create A Website Presence - open your business

    Geared to the needs of your business, this is a cost-effective way to get your business online. You'll reach customers within your Local Town & Community, County, State, Country and across the World. Town USA can provide you with either of two options:

    1. If you already have a Website and or Home Page; we will provide and host for you a Gateway Town USA Page (our design or a copy of your existing front page).

    2. If you presently do not have an Internet presence; we will design a special advertising Home Page Package hosted on Town USA ; for as little as about a $1.00 per day. Simply fill out the order form and we'll work with you to create a funtional Website you and potential customers can find easily. Or e-mail or call us.

      This Package is not just made up of your typical formatted small text page! Your page will not be lost to users accessing it only by a link from another 17 million Yellow Page business search engine with a credit or mail list database or a web search site! Your Town USA Page includes; full graphic images, information on your business that potential customers are looking for, regarding your company and specific to: hours of operation, credit cards accepted, products & services, marketing and sales messages. Your Town USA page is accessed and viewed because your listed from your local communities Town , County, and State, interactive Town USA Home Pages providing local information, news, weather, and free classifieds, to name a few. Your provided with listings and hypertext links from the National and your State's "Business and or Preferred Listings"

    3. Virtual Domains & Secured Server: Town USA can host your company’s virtual domain ( for the most competitive rates on the Internet. Your company can benefit from having a personalized domain name for as low as $34.95 a month. Not only does a personalized domain name help end users find your site easier, they add prestige to your company's web presence.

  • Link Your Website - order online today

    You've got a Website / Home Page - now bring customers to it. You want maximum exposure! Give it to your business by linking your Website to your free Town USA Yellow Page Listing, and accessed through your communities Town, County, and State interactive Home Pages; set up for local use.

    If you do not have a physical address in another state, but would like to be found as if you did! Now you can. You can list your business in other (non-resident) geographical State Business Listing / Searchable Yellow Pages location including a hypertext link to your Home Page.

  • a.) Town USA Business Links: A Link to Your Home Page for $100.00/yr. includes;
    1. Town USA Yellow Page search engine hypertext link,
    2. State Preferred/Business Listing page - Hypertext link & listing,
    3. National Preferred/Business Listing page - Hypertext link & listing.
  • b.) Additional Town USA Yellow Page business category listings $24.00/yr. each.
  • c.) Hosted Special Home Page Package/Gateway page, $395.00/yr.(includes a,d&e).
  • d.) Register to over 400 search engines, (Minimum License).
  • e.) Analyze and add Keywords & META Tags to your pages, $75.00 each time.
  • f.) Additional State Yellow page Search Engine Listing, $150.00/yr. each.
  • g.) Hosting my Resume Page, $20.00 for 2 months. I would like Hosted for:
  • h.) Linking & Hosting Company Profiles, $595.00/yr. each.

Plus a one time activation/set up fee each of $25.00 (combinations together one activation fee charged).

These effective links allow global users to find you; your products and or services very easily and quickly through the Town USA Business Listings / Yellow Page Search Engine and user-friendly Town page site design. Your business will appear at the top (alphabetically) in a special advertiser section of listings - not buried in an alphabetical list of all search results.

Samples - your listing display will look similar to this:

National, State Business or Preferred Listings

Company Address City State Zip Phone
Internet Business Consulting, Inc. P.O. Box 436 Tolland CT 06084 (860) 871-0422
Town USA P.O. Box 436 Tolland CT 06084 (800) 869-6872

Yellow Page Search Results

Town USA

(800) 869-6872

P.O. Box 436
Tolland CT 06084

View Location on Map

To add these affordable hypertext links providing your business direct contact with local residents; please fill out the order form or email us and we will have a Town USA representive contact you once your order has been recieved. Thank you.

  • Banner Advertising Plans: - Image Banners sign up form

    Put your message in front of potential customers who are ready to buy. These types of advertisements offer information and hypertext links directly to your Website / Home Page. Banner ads can be placed on any page and on Yellow Page search results pages. Town-USA will use your companies banner or we suggest using one of the similar different sizes banner ads shown below. Renting advertising space on an Internet site has never been easier or more cost effective. IBCI can assist your business in choosing which ad, location, and price level on town USA is best for you.

    Sponsoring Town USA Homepages:

    Sample (Click on your browsers back button to return to this page).

    Your company can sponsor your local Town, County, State, and other Town USA pages. Town USA will display your company advertisement on all sponsored pages. Also, your company will be highlighted and linked from a main Town USA Proud Sponsors page. Please feel free to contact us for more details on costs and policies.

    If you have any questions regarding these plans or regarding Banner Advertising, a Town USA representive will be happy to discuss your needs.

    You can reach Town USA toll free by calling 1-800-town-usa or by emailing us.

    Major Credit Card Service Set up:

     Accept: Merchant Credit Cards and Check Cashing Services!

    We can set up your business to Accept: All Major Merchant Credit Cards and Check cashing services! Your business may be pre-approved to Accept ALL Major Credit Cards! Increase your business sales and reduce your accounts receivable. "Can you say that your business takes credit cards?" "I can!" Let us help you get set up now! Sample (Click on your browsers back button to return to this page).

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